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When working with professionals in a specific field, one of the main challenges you may face is finding people that won’t take advantage of you. The challenge increases when there is a lot of money involved, like in the case with a mortgage. While it is okay to ask for help when buying a property, you should vet the people you work with properly. At Certified Mortgage Brokers, we understand that the stakes are high, and we try our best to give you the best outcome. Our honesty and transparency when dealing with clients, together with the experience we have in the industry, are some of the reasons why working with us will give you peace-of-mind.

Why Work With Our Brokers in Peterborough

We Are Great At What We Do

One of the benefits of using a mortgage broker is getting stress-free closing, and that is what we provide. We achieve this by using our knowledge and contacts to locate the best deals for your situation. We assess every situation to determine the appropriate type of mortgage first. Through this, we can figure out whether you need help with debt consolidation, purchase of a new commercial building, or any other investment you need money for. We will then give you a list of lenders that can offer you the best terms for the mortgage you require.

We Can Solve Your Mortgage Refinancing Needs

Refinancing doesn’t always make sense, but if done for the right reasons, you can reap a lot of benefits. We advise our clients to refinance when the new loan will have a lower interest rate or when the loan term will be shorter. You can also refinance the mortgage if you’re using your home equity or if you have various debts that you want to consolidate. Our goal is to help you benefit from the new deal, and we do that by giving honest opinions and professional advice. Let us assess your situation and help you determine whether refinancing your mortgage is a good idea.

We Will Help You Get The Best Mortgages

The changes in the legislation in Peterborough have made it more difficult for property owners to get the assistance they need for successful purchases. These changes have made property purchase accomplishments even more valuable. We will use our training and experience to help you get through the difficulties and get the best mortgage deals in the current market.

We Work With Homeowners

For aspiring first-time homeowners and subsequent owners, our team can help you get the best residential mortgages. These loans are usually different depending on the kind of house you want, the current domestic property market prices, and your financial status at the time of application. You can use these factors to calculate the amount of loan you will get and the type. Contact us today, and we will recommend the right solution for your situation.

Our Expertise Extends To Business Owners

If you own an industrial building, a residential apartment, a shopping complex, or any other business premises, you can use our commercial mortgage expertise. These mortgages can help you expand your business and get out of multiple debts, especially when you end up with the best lender and favorable terms. With Certified Mortgage Brokers in Peterborough, you will have a team that cares about your business and is willing to help you get the financial help you need to grow. We will help you get mortgage contracts that blend with your business demands.

We Differentiate The Needs Of Our Customers

Every person has different needs. Even if you want the same type of mortgage as someone else, there will be several aspects that set you apart. The differences can create a major impact on your ability to pay the mortgage and your future financial plans. Our brokers treat each case with the uniqueness and attention it deserves. We will listen to you, understand what you want, and provide solutions that work in your favor.

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You have questions. We are here to help!


We Know The Market

Our knowledge of various mortgage services and where to get them is one of the reasons why working with us will be worth it. We can give you unlimited options to ensure you choose the one that suits you the most. We also have a network of lenders that can offer you secured or unsecured loans depending on your needs and circumstances. Allow us to connect you with the right lenders so you won’t waste your time and energy.

One of the factors that set us apart is our ability to consider several scenarios. We don’t just look at the possibility of you keeping up with the payments; we also consider the possibility of you failing. Through this, we can recommend lenders that won’t give you steep penalties if you default the terms.

Services Offered By Certified Mortgage Brokers In Peterborough

First-Time Buyer Mortgages

It’s easy to let fear take over when you’re thinking about investing in a property for the first time. The uncertainties pertaining to whether your property will increase in value and whether you’ll be able to pay the mortgage can be overwhelming. Not knowing where to look for loans can also take a toll on you. At Certified Mortgage Brokers, we understand all these and more. That is why we strive to help young property owners succeed in the purchase by using our connections.

We have the training you need to navigate through the systems before getting the loan. We also know how to decipher different situations and apply them to your situation. We can use our experience in the field to help you avoid some of the simple yet costly mistakes that first-time buyers make. Working with our team can also give you some certainties that will help you create a functional repayment plan. Call our brokers and let us handle the pre-approval process as you start looking for suitable houses.

Second Mortgages That You Can Afford

Taking a second mortgage carries a lot of risk for you and the lender. The loan will take the place of the first one, but if you fail to pay, your property will be sold to recover the funds. You stand a real chance of losing your home or business premises if you take this mortgage. Because of this, you should always weigh all your options before applying for a second mortgage. Take to our experts, and we will help you discover all the loan options you can benefit from.

If you decide to go for it, we will still help you find a second mortgage that will be affordable and perfect for your lifestyle. You can still cash in on your equity and get up to 90%. Our expertise can also be beneficial when you’re getting your second mortgage from a private lender.

Mortgage Refinancing Loans

Mortgage refinancing offers several options that can be perfect for various needs. You can either break the mortgage, refinance as a HELOC, or blend the loans and combine the interests. If you have a lot of loans from various places, refinancing can be a better way of consolidating them so that you can only deal with one loan. However, mortgage refinancing often has some hidden charges that often drive up the costs. You should be careful when choosing this option to ensure the penalties and other costs don’t cause too many losses. Our brokers will explain the benefits and costs of each option to ensure you make the right choice.

Mortgage Renewals At Better Rates

Mortgage lenders always send a notice to renew at least 21 days before the term for the old loan expires. That gives you enough time to make all the changes you need to make the new loan suitable for your lifestyle. You can start shopping around for a new lender, or you can start practicing how to negotiate for better terms. Our mortgage brokers will show you how to maneuver the processes to ensure you come out with the best deals. We will try our best to ensure the second mortgage works on your terms and not the lenders’. We will also help you figure out whether all the additional fees will be worth it.

Self-Employed Mortgages

One of the main requirements for accessing mortgages as a self-employed person is proof of income. Most lenders ask for at least two year-records, which can be very difficult to get if you haven’t been keeping tabs on your income. The slightest discrepancy on those records can also result in problems, especially when you try to get a loan from traditional lenders.
We can make it easier by helping you locate private lenders that will only require property as collateral and tax returns for two years. You’ll be able to acquire up to 90% of your property without having to go through the trouble of verifying your income.

The portfolio of lenders in our possession works for both traditional and private lenders. If you’ve had consistent income that you can prove, and you have all the documentation for your business, we can introduce you to traditional lenders. Otherwise, our partners in the private mortgage sector will help you out.

Mortgage For The Construction Industry

If your business is in the construction industry and you need more money to get more supplies, pay employees, or hire sub-contractors, you can get help through construction mortgages. You can also use the construction mortgage if you have residential properties that you use for commercial reasons or if you want to buy a home that is under construction. The loan is also viable for new homes. This mortgage category is available in two main options:

  • Completion Mortgage: This is used on houses that have been built but have not been occupied.
  • Progress Draw Mortgage: This involves progressive payments as the construction continues.

Mortgages From Already Existing Houses

In most cases, the Home Equity Line of Credit offers lower interests that can be more beneficial than other types of loans. You can use this mortgage to fund home improvement projects or any other project that takes time to complete. You can have the finances spread throughout the project because the HELOC is always made easily accessible. HELOC also allows you to get a home equity loan of up to 90%. For brokers that will help you negotiate better interest rates, Certified Mortgage Brokers is the company to call.

Competitive Private Mortgage Rates

It’s natural for private lenders to ask for higher interests because of the risk they take. However, the loan shouldn’t cripple your finances or make it harder for you to live a quality life. We believe that you deserve the best, and that is what we aim to give you. We will take you through our list of private lenders to ensure you get one that is willing to provide customized services.


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Afton Jaskolski

Getting a private mortgage was not easy to be honest, but at least with Mr. Leon it was doable. Thank you for your help!

Davin Mills

There are a lot of mortgage brokers in toronto to choose from, I was a bit intimidated by that. Don't regret I picked CMB, they took the lead and made sure to cover all the bases

Tracy Wilhoite

I was renting an apartment for a long time and finally decided to take a big step - get a mortgage instead. Team at certified Mortgage Brokers laid out various options for me. The actual process went smooth and quick, happy with my new home.

Ryder Turcotte

My wife and I decided to refinance our mortgage and started looking for a mortgage broker in Toronto. There were so many options, so you can imagine how overwhelmed we got! After talking to Leon we decided to proceed with Certified, didn't regret that decision once. They always gave useful recommendations, were attentive, and constantly in touch. And most importantly (for us) they helped us to save some money!!

Lucy Zimmerman

Vita was great. Helped my son with all the paperwork and got him very good interest rate. On the closing date called to follow up if everything went fine. Quite a pleasant experience. I would recommend this firm for anyone who is looking a mortgage broker.

Certified Mortgage Broker Peterborough

FAQs on Mortgages In Peterborough

Do Mortgage Lenders Allow Different Payment Choices?

In most cases, you will choose between an open payment plan and a closed one. With the former, you can always pay at your convenience. You will not be penalized even if you finish paying before the term is over. You can make larger or smaller payments as you get the funds whenever you can. For the latter, you can also pay any amount you can, but you don’t have to finish the loan before its term.

How Will A Pre-Approved Mortgage Benefit Me?

One of the main advantages of pre-approved mortgages is time conservation. Your focus will be on the properties you can afford only. You also get to find out your down payment and monthly rates before accepting the loan. This type of mortgage also takes a shorter time to process.

What Closing Costs Can I Expect To Find In A Mortgage?

Since you’ll involve the services of an attorney, you should expect to pay legal fees. You should also prepare yourself to pay taxes involved in the transaction, property insurance fees, home inspection costs, and appraisals, as well as any adjustment fee that may have been accrued.

Are There Specific Documents Needed For Mortgages?

Every mortgage lender will require a list of your assets, lawyer’s information, and proof of down payment. You should also prepare a list of liabilities, building plans if you need a construction mortgage, and proof of income.

What Mortgage Terms Should I Familiarize Myself With?

There are many terms we can explain to you when you work with us. Below are a few examples:

  • Prepayment Option: This option works on closed mortgage plans. It allows you to make some payments before the term. Some cases may have penalties, so you have to be careful.
  • Mortgage Term: This is the time you are given to pay back the whole loan. You can always renew it.
  • Home Inspection Fee: This is the assessment done on a property to ascertain that it’s structurally sound.
  • Property Transfer Tax: This is the tax paid when a property changes ownership.
  • Loan To Value Ratio: The size of the loan in comparison to the value of the property owned.

With Certified Mortgage Brokers in Peterborough, you will always have brokers that care about your investment as much as you do. Give us a call and discover the best mortgages in Peterborough.

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