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If you’re looking for committed mortgage broker in Newmarket who want to change the industry by providing the best rate, unparalleled service and the quickest turnaround time, you’ve landed on the right page. We strive to meet your needs in a timely and professional manner. As an experienced mortgage broker in Newmarket our competitive rates are hard to beat. We hold a firm belief in our customers and the services we provide. You are our priority. To receive a consultation or an answer to your question do not hesitate to call us at +1 866-921-8890. We are here to assist you!

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Our mortgage expertise will provide you with unbeatable rates. You will benefit from the time and effort we provide to make sure the deal happens. Your application will be kept private from insuring bodies. On top of all that, we promise to give you amazing customer service! Our agents take the time to sit with you and explain what to expect. They are there to answer all your questions.

Our professional staff is hard working to insure your experience is as painless as possible. We continue on through obstacles, unlike other mortgage brokers in Newmarket. This hard work and dedication leads to thousands of dollars in savings for you. We keep you informed at all times.

Our Newmarket Based Mortgage Brokers Offer the Following Services

First Home Buyer Guidance

Toronto's leading advisors for new home buyers. We arrange the best mortgage terms, guide you through purchase incentives, and simplify your first property acquisition.

Navigate Mortgage Refinancing

Utilize our mortgage refinancing services to leverage your home equity for remodeling, investing, or funding education. Investigate penalties, today’s rates, potential savings, and the terms of refinancing. Safely refinance up to 90% of your home equity.

Mortgage Renewals

Seize the chance to obtain better rates, terms, and diverse lender options. Start consultations with your mortgage broker three months beforehand for bespoke financial benefits.

Private Mortgage

In the realm of Canadian mortgages, private lenders serve as a hopeful option when usual choices are unsuccessful. They concentrate on the value of property rather than credit scores, promptly providing various borrowers with personalized, brief mortgages.

Second Mortgage

A home equity loan, alternatively known as a second mortgage, draws on property equity for significant funding but carries increased costs and risks. It serves well for debt consolidation and investments, offering access to up to 90% of your equity.

Self Employed Mortgage

More than 15% of Canadians, who are self-employed, find it challenging to secure mortgages because of the need to demonstrate income. Managing their expenses, credit, and savings is critical.

Construction Financing

Developing your ideal residence demands labor and investment, with down payments usually between 25-35%. Incorporating a 15% safety net in your finances can help safeguard against risks in construction funding.


In Canada's mortgage landscape, a HELOC allows homeowners to tap into up to 65% of their equity with the advantage of low-interest rates, but it requires careful financial handling to avoid excess spending and assure repayment.

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Our company only hires the best in the business. We work with the most attested individuals with proven track records. Our professionals will make sure you get executive services at very affordable rates. We avail our services to all residents of Canada, regardless of the financial capacity or previous experiences with credit. Every person’s needs are always different. You deserve to work with brokers that will give you undivided attention, and that is what we offer. We will examine your situation and give you the same solutions we would offer one of our own. Our expertise with different types of mortgages will also ensure you get excellent services.

At Turkin Mortgage, the client is always the priority. Whether we are working with a real estate agent, a private lender, or a credit agency, we will negotiate the best terms for you. Our services are based on trust that only comes when we give you the best. Rest assured, we will use our vast network to get you the best mortgage terms.

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Things You Should Know When You Take Out A Mortgage

There are many things you should know about taking out a mortgage.

  • What Does Mortgage Mean?

The loan that you make to buy a house or some other property is called a mortgage. The principal refers to the amount borrowed. Each mortgage payment pays off part of the principal plus the interest.

You have custody over the property. However, if you fail to pay the loan and interest according to the terms of the contract, the lender may repossess the property.

Our Mission

One of our goals is to help clients save time. Searching for an ideal mortgage lender can be a time-consuming process if you don’t have the right connections. With us, you will get all the right mortgage options within the shortest time possible. We will also eliminate any confusion along the process by making sure you understand what is expected of you.

Residential & Commercial Mortgage

For Your Business

If you’re looking to buy a factory, warehouse or other industrial plant, our brokers can help you find the correct industrial mortgage. Our connections and experience will cut the time other companies would take. Bad credit history? We still can make it work. Call and make an appointment today.

For Your Home

We specialize in first and second mortgages and any other related situations. When you speak with one of our agents you will be provided with information you need to know to make an educated decision. There is no pressure. Simply schedule a free consultation to see one of our brokers to speak with them about your opportunities.

We work to insure you get the deal that best suit your needs. Every client is a unique individual, so our policies should be too. As Newmarket professionals we work year round to help you understand what to expect with your case. We answer all questions and help set up a realistic plan for your future.


Mortgage Refinancing

Looking to pay off debts towards your property? Refinancing your mortgage is beneficial in many different situations for many different people. It allows you to pay off an old loan, credits or debts and sign a new contract. When done by a professionals, it can provide you with additional money. Our brokers are standing ready to help you.


This is an option if you are moving from one home to another. We have specialists dedicated to helping you save time, money and headache. If you’re looking to lower your current interest rate, this is also an option for you. Transferring a mortgage can be confusing. Allow our customer service to take this burden for you.

Don’t make getting money harder than it needs to be. Rely on broker with the expertise to get you what you need. Contact us or stop on buy for your free consultation today!

  • What are the repayment plans available to you?

Open mortgage repayment plan

You can repay an open mortgage at any time during the mortgage term without having to pay a penalty. The term is usually shorter, ranging from 6 to 12 months. With this option, you can pay off your mortgage in a shorter period of time. The interest rate, however, will be a bit higher.

Closed mortgage repayment plan

You have a longer set term with a closed mortgage. The term may run from six months to 10 years. On the down side, if you opt for a closed mortgage, you have a limited range of prepayment options. You have to pay a penalty if you decide to renegotiate, refinance or pay your mortgage before your term ends. On the other hand, you get to enjoy significantly lower rates.

  • What Is The Importance Of Mortgage Pre-Approval?

Mortgage pre-approval establishes the highest mortgage loan you are qualified to make. You save time and effort in looking for the right property by knowing exactly how much you can afford. You do not waste time looking at properties which do not fall within your price range. You also facilitate the negotiation process. You or your broker will be better able to formulate a realistic offer for the property you are interested in.

A mortgage pre-approval keeps the proffered interest rate invariable for 90 days. This protects you from rate fluctuations. When you have a mortgage pre-approval, you go through the home buying process with a sense of confidence and peace of mind.

  • Types Of Mortgage Rate

Mortgages in Newmarket come in different types:

Fixed Rate Mortgage

With this type of mortgage, you pay a fixed interest rate during your mortgage term. Your payments are set; they do not fluctuate with the current interest rates.

It is sensible to choose this type of mortgage if you think that interest rates will continue to go up.

Variable Rate Mortgage

When you make a mortgage payment, you pay an amount that goes towards the mortgage principal, as well as an amount considered as interest payment.

A variable rate mortgage depends on the prime lending rate. As the prime rate changes, the amount you pay towards the principal is adjusted accordingly. The mortgage rate increases or decreases based on how the prime rate moves.

It is prudent to choose this type of mortgage if you think that interest rates will continue to go down.

  • Down Payment

Some types of mortgage depend on the amount of down payment you can make.

Conventional Mortgage

How much down payment can you afford to pay? Can you afford to put down 20% of the purchase price as down payment? If you are, then you should go for the conventional mortgage.

High Ratio Mortgage

If you do not have the required 20%, you will have to go with the high-ratio mortgage. This mortgage requires that you pay an insurance premium. You have the option of paying it in one payment or adding it to the total mortgage amount. The insurance premium amount is determined by the loan you need to make.

  • Types Of Protection

There are several types of protection you can avail of.

Disability Coverage

A disability rider assures you that even if you become injured, ill, or unable to work, mortgage payments will still be made.

Loss of Employment

A loss of employment rider assures you that if you become unemployed through no choice of yours, your mortgage payments will continue to be made.

Critical Illness

A mortgage critical illness protection settles your mortgage balance in full in case you have a stroke or a heart attack or are diagnosed with cancer.

Mortgage Life Insurance

Mortgage life insurance enables your family to keep your home in case you die before you are able to pay off your mortgage.

Discharge – refers to eliminating all financial impediments and mortgages on a property.

  • Can You Pre-Arrange A Mortgage?

You can pre-arrange your mortgage and get a mortgage pre-approval from a lending institution or a bank. This pre-approval shows you how much you can borrow, the interest rate you have to pay, and the schedule of payments you have to make.

  • Are There Ways To Save On Your Mortgage?

When you are able to pay off your mortgage sooner, you save money by reducing interest costs. There are several ways to do this.

1. Opt to make weekly or biweekly payments. When you make mortgage payments more frequently by paying on a weekly or biweekly basis instead of monthly, you reduce the interests you have to pay and save money.

2. Opt for a shorter amortization period. Add small increases in the amount on top of the regular payments required. This will shorten the amortization period.

  • Mortgage Lingo You Should Know

Amortization – the number of years it takes for you to pay off your mortgage loan in full.

Appraised Value – an approximate value of the property presented as security for the loan.

Assumption of Mortgage – the transfer of outstanding mortgage from the present owner to a buyer.

Blended payments – a repayment scheme where the amount of the principal and interest stays invariable.

Closed Mortgage – a type of mortgage where you cannot prepay, refinance, or renegotiate without paying prepayment penalty.

Completion Date – the date wherein all documentation is completed and payments made making the sale and purchase of a property final.

Compound Interest – interest charged on the principal as well as on the accrued interest.

Conventional Mortgage – is a loan that does not go beyond 80% of either the purchase price or the appraised value of the property.

Conveyance – refers to transferring the property title from the seller’s name to the buyer’s name.

Default – the inability to pay the installments specified by the terms of a mortgage.

Leasehold Mortgage — refers to mortgage that is secured on a property lease instead of on property ownership.

Mortgagee – refers to the person or institution lending the money.

Mortgagor – refers to the person or institution borrowing the money.

Offer to Purchase – refers to the legal document formalizing the offer of an explicit price for a particular real property.

Open Mortgage – a type of mortgage that allows prepayment in part or in full of the principal balance without exacting penalties.

Prepayment Option – refers to the opportunity to prepay specific sums of the principal balance. Penalty interest may or may not be charged.

Principal – refers to the balance of your mortgage that is still outstanding.

Term – refers to the period of time in which the mortgage agreement has legal effect. When the term expires, you may renew the contract for another term and renegotiate the rate.
Underwriting Fees – the payments that lenders collect to compensate for the expenses sustained in the lending transaction.

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