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Home Equity Line Of Credit In Toronto (HELOC)

How Home Equity Line Of Credit Work For You

It is a type of credit that enables you to tap into funds at a much lower rate than credit cards or personal loans. With HELOC your home acts as collateral. Basically, as you pay off your mortgage your home equity rises and then that equity is used to secure your loan. This home equity line of credit in Toronto is somewhat similar to a second mortgage or a credit card but with better rewards. Since your home is the collateral that ensures that you pay off the loan, you are able to get an amazing low rate.

Like a Credit Card, But With Better Rewards

When it comes to making payments for the loan, the process is pretty much the same as like with a credit card. You need to make at least a minimum payment on a monthly basis and the only interest charges are on the money that you take out. For ease of use you can set up an automatic minimum payment option through your chequing account so you don’t miss any payments. It is very easy to use and is a popular credit option in Canada.

What is a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)?

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) lets homeowners borrow against the equity in their property. Equity is the difference between the market value of a house and the amount owed on the loan. This loan operates similarly to a revolving credit line, such as a credit card, where homeowners are approved for a maximum amount, which they may draw from up to that limit based on their home equity and credit score. Unlike with a traditional mortgage or personal loan, the interest rate on a home equity line of credit in Canada is variable, so it could be lower or higher depending on how the market fluctuates.

The repayment period is generally 10-15 years, with a draw period of 5-10 years in which they must only make interest payments while they can pay down the principal balance at any time. This flexibility makes HELOCs appealing as they can be used for any purpose, such as home renovations or debt consolidation, and even have tax benefits. However, since it is secured by your home and has a variable interest rate, homeowners should weigh both potential risks and rewards before taking out such a loan and reaching out to a mortgage broker Toronto.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Features

Minimum/Maximum Amounts

The minimum and maximum amounts of a HELOC depend on several factors, including the homeowner’s credit score, the value of their home, and the lender’s policies. Generally, HELOCs have a minimum amount of around $10,000 and a maximum amount that is typically determined by a percentage of the home’s value. Many lenders allow homeowners to borrow up to 65% of their home’s appraised value minus any outstanding mortgages or liens.

Option to Convert to Fixed

Converting to a fixed rate in a HELOC means changing the variable interest rate to a fixed interest rate, providing a stable monthly payment. This is beneficial if you prefer a predictable payment schedule and want to avoid the risk of rising interest rates.

Sub-divide Lines

HELOCs are often divided into sub-divide lines. These are separate accounts that allow borrowers to access their credit lines for specific purposes. The sub-divide lines can be used to fund home renovations, pay off high-interest debt, or cover unexpected expenses. By dividing the credit line into separate accounts, borrowers can better track their spending and ensure that they are not overspending on any one expense. This can help borrowers manage their debt and make more informed financial decisions.

Second Position HELOC

“Second position” refers to a second mortgage taken out in addition to the first mortgage. In other words, the second mortgage is in the “second position.” Second mortgages typically attract higher interest rates and hence are riskier.

The advantage of a second-position HELOC is that it can be used to consolidate debt, make home improvements, or cover unexpected expenses. However, it’s important to note that taking out a second mortgage comes with additional fees and interest rates. Failure to make payments can result in foreclosure.

Before taking out a second position HELOC, homeowners should carefully consider their financial situation and weigh the potential benefits and risks. They should also shop around for the best rates and terms from reputable lenders.

Revolving Balance

Unlike a traditional loan, where you receive a lump sum of money, a HELOC works more like a credit card. You are given a credit limit and can borrow money as you need it up to that limit. The interest in a HELOC is typically variable, meaning it can go up or down over time. The balance on a HELOC is considered a revolving balance because as you pay it down, you can continue to borrow against it, just like a credit card.

What Are the Types of Home Equity Line Of Credit?

Stand Alone HELOC

A stand-alone HELOC is a revolving line of credit that’s not related to a mortgage. This type of loan is different from a traditional home equity loan in that it functions like a credit card, with a set credit limit and a variable interest rate. Homeowners can draw on the line of credit as the need arises and only pay interest on the amount borrowed.

The features of a stand-alone HELOC include the following:

  • You can borrow a maximum of 65% of your home’s market value.
  • The credit limit of a stand-alone HELOC does not increase as you pay off the principal of the loan.

HELOC Combined with Mortgage

A home equity line of credit (HELOC) combined with a mortgage (readvanceable mortgage) is a loan type that gives homeowners the opportunity to use the equity in their property while still retaining their primary mortgage. Essentially, it involves taking out a second mortgage on top of the first mortgage, using the home’s equity as collateral.

Key features of a HELOC combined with a mortgage are:

  • Interest is paid on the amount borrowed

The credit line can be accessed multiple times during the draw period, typically 10-15 years.

  • The borrower pays regular, fixed payments on their mortgage as per their contract.
  • The credit limit on the HELOC is a maximum of 65% of the market value of your home. Your credit limit will increase the more you pay the principal amount.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of HELOC

HELOC – Pros

  • Flexibility - HELOCs offer borrowers flexibility in terms of how and when they access their funds
    Borrowers can draw on their line of credit as needed, and they only pay interest on the amount they borrow.

  • Lower Interest Rates
    – Given that HELOCs are secured by a borrower's home, they normally offer lesser interest rates compared to unsecured loans.

  • Tax Benefits
    - Interest paid on a HELOC may be tax-deductible, making it a potentially attractive option for homeowners looking to reduce their tax burden.

  • Home Improvements
    - HELOCs provide an opportunity to finance home improvements, such as a kitchen remodel or a new roof, that can increase the value of a home.

  • Debt Consolidation
    - HELOCs can also be used to consolidate high-interest debt, such as credit card balances, into a single, lower-interest payment.

  • Emergency Fund
    - A HELOC can be a good way to establish an emergency fund, giving homeowners access to cash in case of unexpected expenses.

  • Education Expenses
    - HELOCs can also be used to pay for education expenses, such as tuition and books.

  • Small Business Financing
    - HELOCs can be a good option for small business owners who need to finance their businesses, as they offer lower interest rates than many other types of loans.

  • Investment Opportunities
    - For those interested in real estate investing, a HELOC can be a valuable tool for financing the purchase of investment properties.

  • Peace of Mind
    - A HELOC can provide homeowners with peace of mind, knowing that they have access to a source of funds if they need them.

HELOC – Cons

  • Variable Interest Rates - HELOCs typically have variable interest rates, which means that your monthly payment could change depending on market conditions.

  • Risk of Foreclosure - If you are unable to make your HELOC payments, you risk losing your home to foreclosure.

  • Fees - HELOCs often come with fees, such as application fees, closing costs, and annual fees.

  • Short-term Loans - HELOCs are typically short-term loans, with most lenders offering terms of 10 years or less.

  • Debt Risk - With HELOCs, it's easy to accumulate debt, especially if you are not disciplined about paying off the balance.

  • Unpredictable Housing Market -If the value of your home decreases, you could end up owing more on your HELOC than your home is worth.

  • Additional Borrowing Risks - Some borrowers may use HELOCs to fund additional borrowing, such as credit card debt or personal loans, which can lead to a cycle of debt.

  • Hidden Fees - HELOCs can have hidden fees and charges that are not always obvious to borrowers.

  • High-Interest Rates - While HELOCs generally have lower interest rates than credit cards, they can still have higher interest rates than other types of loans, such as personal loans or auto loans.

  • Limited Funds – Subject to the lender and your credit history, you may only be approved for a small amount of funds, which may not be enough to cover your financial needs.

Home Equity Line of Credit – FAQs

What is a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)?

A HELOC is a type of loan that gives you a chance to borrow money using the equity of your home as collateral. Equity is the difference between your home’s market value and the total owed on your mortgage.

How does a HELOC work?

A HELOC is a revolving line of credit, which means you can borrow money up to a set amount and repay it over time. You only pay interest on the amount you borrow, and you can borrow more money while paying off the balance.

How much can I borrow with a HELOC?

How much you can borrow with a HELOC is subject to a number of elements, such as your home’s value, your credit score, and your income. Typically, lenders will allow you to borrow up to 65% of the value of your home, less the total owed on your mortgage.

What is the interest rate on a HELOC?

The interest rate on a HELOC is usually variable, which means it can fluctuate over time based on market conditions. However, some lenders offer fixed-rate HELOCs, which have a set interest rate for the life of the loan.

How long does a HELOC last?

HELOCs generally have a draw period, which is the time you can borrow money, and a repayment period, which is the time you must repay the loan. The draw period can last up to a decade, and the repayment period can last up to 20 years.

How do I Meet the Requirements for a HELOC?

To be eligible for a HELOC, you must have equity in your home, a good credit score, and sufficient income to repay the loan. Lenders will also consider your debt-to-income ratio, employment history, and other factors when deciding whether to approve your application.

What fees are associated with a HELOC?

There are several fees associated with a HELOC, including an application fee, appraisal fee, title search fee, and closing costs. Some lenders may also charge an annual fee or a prepayment penalty.

Can I use a HELOC for anything?

Yes, you can use a HELOC for any purpose, including home improvements, debt consolidation, education expenses, or unexpected expenses.

What happens if I can’t make my HELOC payments?

If you can’t make your HELOC payments, your lender may foreclose on your home, which means you could lose your property. It’s important to make your payments on time and communicate with your lender if you’re having trouble making payments.

Can I pay off my HELOC early?

Yes, you can pay off your HELOC early without penalty. Paying off your HELOC early can save you money on interest charges.

Can I get a HELOC if I have bad credit?

It’s more difficult to qualify for a HELOC if you have bad credit, but it’s not impossible. Some lenders may be willing to work with you if you have a co-signer or can provide other forms of collateral.

How long does it take to get a HELOC?

How Home Equity Line Of Credit Work For You

The time it takes to get a HELOC varies depending on the lender and the complexity of your application. It can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to get approved for a HELOC.

How does a HELOC affect my taxes?

A HELOC can affect your taxes in a few different ways. The interest paid on a HELOC is tax-deductible if the funds are used for home improvements, repairs, or renovations. However, if the funds are used for other purposes, the interest may not be tax-deductible.

Additionally, if you sell your home after using a HELOC, the amount borrowed will affect your capital gains tax liability. It’s important to keep accurate records of your HELOC usage and consult with a tax professional to understand how it may impact your taxes.

Should I take a HELOC?

Whether you should take a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) depends on your financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance. A HELOC allows you to borrow money against the equity you have in your home.

Taking a HELOC can be a good option if you need to make home improvements or consolidate debt with lower interest rates. However, it’s important to weigh the risks of using your home as collateral, potential fluctuation in interest rates, and your ability to repay the loan. Consider consulting with a financial advisor before making a decision.

Variety Of Rates For Home Equity Line Of Credit In Toronto

Tapping into the additional pool of money can help out with a lot of different things. Perhaps you have been planning a much needed renovation project, want to consolidate debt, pay for school or cover medical bills. Whatever your reason may be, we can help you in acquiring this additional funding. By choosing to use your home equity line of credit you are making one of the most affordable and smart decisions.

At Turkin Mortgage we offer you flexible payment options, no restrictions on your use of the home equity line of credit, no termination period and more.
Are you thinking about renovating your home? Or maybe starting a college fund for your children? Or perhaps you have high interest debt that you’d like to pay off? If you own a home and you want to borrow money, using your home’s equity is one of the most affordable ways to do it.

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