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What To Do When You Have Bad Credit?

Do You Have Poor Credit?

The common thought is that you can’t get a mortgage with poor credit. Lenders are reluctant to do business to people with bad credit history because it puts them at risk and there is a lack of trust. If you find yourself in the position of bad credit do not think that you are without options when it comes to getting a mortgage. It may take a little bit more patience and effort but it is definitely possible.

We Know How To Go About It

Poor credit can be a huge hindrance when it comes to mortgages, but no matter the credit rating we always make sure to work out a specialized and individualized mortgage for our customers.

At Toronto Mortgage Brokerage we figure out a unique plan for every individual to get a good mortgage and that includes people with poor credit. We know how to go about such issues and find suitable options.

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The Lower Score The Higher Rate


Banks pretty much always turn down people with bad credit but some lenders are willing to give you a chance based on other information. Searching for such companies and lenders will be a long and time consuming process. Luckily, we can help you to get the best loan arrangement. After we assess your financial situation we will have a list of appropriate lenders for you right away.


The lower your credit score the higher the mortgage rate will be from the lender. If it is possible, then it is best to make a larger down payment first so that you have a greater chance of getting accepted and so that the rate goes down a bit. Our professional team at Toronto Mortgage Brokerage will assist you in the search and help filter out bad offers. We guarantee to get you the best rate that is possible. No matter how bad your credit score is, please contact us to figure out a solution together.

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Sean Hammond

I had to port a mortgage to a new condo, Leon had excellent knowledge to get me through the approval process. When the bank made an error, Leon was quick to contact them to make sure everything was done right and on time. He is very professional and courteous and I recommend his service to anyone who wishes to apply for a mortgage.

Ronald McDonald

Giving them 5/5 stars. Massoud helped me with my mortgage and he never missed a beat. He made the process very straightforward as a first time home buyer. Shopped around for other mortgages but he was always the first to get things for me. Highly recommend him

Shannon Jones

I was looking to renew my mortgage and my previous lender was less than willing to do anything to keep my business. So I started to look for another brokerage to do business with and Certified Mortgage Broker stood out purely based on my interactions with Massoud. Massoud was professional and clearly had a keen sense of customer service; which I make a high priority when doing business with anyone since I'm in the customer service business myself. Peter rolled out the red carpet for me, walked me through my options, inquired about my plans with my current property, give me opinions and facts about rentals in the area, sales/purchases. In some respects he gave me more information about real estate than my real estate agent has!

Glen Plummer

Selling and buying a home is a stressful experience and Leon with CMB in North York took all of the stress out of arranging the financing. He was very professional and clear about what I needed to provide to him. He used this information to arrange the best mortgage option on our new home, arranged the bridge loan to cover the closing period differential, and arranged closing out the mortgage with the previous lender.. Our experience with Leon is far better than the local in-person brokers that we contacted previously and Leon has helped us with a mortgage renewal in the past with the same excellent experience.

Colleen Power

Leon returned my called from a missed call within 15 minutes of my call and I left no message. Leon and his team were fantastic. Even with the money issues we had Leon made me feel important and valued as a person.

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