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Your Trusted Mortgage Broker in Kitchener

Certified Mortgage Broker in Kitchener

Whether you are shopping for construction financing, conventional mortgage or a second mortgage, our mission at Certified Mortgage Brokers is to make your experience easy and affordable. We take pride in being the best mortgage broker in Kitchener that aspiring
homeowners turn to for their mortgage needs.

Your Trusted Kitchener Mortgage Brokers

When it is time to buy a new house or refinance, you don’t want a knowledgeable broker that will take advantage of you. As the best mortgage brokerage in Kitchener, we are here to offer you the most comprehensive real estate services you need to achieve your dream. Give us a call to find out more

Why choose Certified Mortgage Broker in Kitchener?

We make your closing hassle-free

As the leading mortgage broker in Kitchener, our commitment is to offer the best expertise in all types of loans. We ensure you not only get the loan you need fast but also get the best deals and options.

We offer you personalized services

We always start by discussing your financial goals so as to understand the type of mortgage that will be best for you. We then shop around to find the best combination of fees, rates and terms & conditions. We will also give you several mortgage options for you to choose from. As mortgage brokers, we have a duty of care when advising you on loans and mortgages. We are licensed and trained to offer you unbiased advice.

We help you find the best mortgage rates out there

Over the years, it has become harder for Canadians to buy a home because the legislation has been tightened up. Our job at Certified Mortgage Broker is to help you get the best mortgage deal in Kitchener.

Our team of highly trained and experienced agents will offer their expertise to help you navigate the complex terms and conditions that are included in mortgages. We also have a large portfolio of lenders with whom we have a good standing.

We are experts at mortgage refinancing

Mortgage refinancing is one of the most common needs when paying your current mortgage and/or other debts. Mortgage refinancing means consolidating your previous debts. The process can be complex because you may have to transfer money and debts, renew terms of the loans and do several other things. Mortgage refinancing is not for everyone. Our mortgage broker in Kitchener will help you know if it is suitable for you and guide you
through the steps.

Our Kitchener Mortgage Brokers Offer the Following Services

First time buyers
First time buyers
Mortgage Refinancing
Mortgage Renewals
Private Mortgage
Second Mortgage
Self Employed (Mortgages)
Construction Financing

Mortgage Brokers in Kitchener For First Time Home Buyers

We all have a dream of owning a home. The challenge is that owning a home requires a lot of money. As a result, the dream seems out of reach for most people. The good news is you can access the funds needed to bring your dream to life. This is made possible by mortgages. Getting a mortgage as a first-time home buyer can be hard. You also need to consider the repercussions getting the mortgage will have on your finances in the future. Hiring a competent mortgage broker is also something you must do. 

Our team is made up of experienced mortgage brokers who will help you understand all your mortgage options, help find the best lender and get you the best terms. With the home-to-value ratio being an important factor when buying a house, our brokers are happy to make all the calculations for you so that you know how much you can afford. Our expert advice is for you never to take a mortgage that will take up over 40% of your income. Housing bills must never go above 32% of your total monthly income. We will help make these calculations (including hidden charges such as maintenance costs and taxes) to help make the best choice. 

We are committed to helping you enjoy the benefits that come with getting professional mortgage services. The benefits include giving you multiple mortgage options and ensuring you benefit from First Time Home Buyer’s Tax Credit. We are also going to help you pick the property that matches your needs and income. In addition, allow us to interpret the mortgage conditions for you so that you don’t end up with a bad deal. We also help with pre-approval.

Your Trusted Mortgage Brokers in Kitchener

Our Mission
Our Mission
Why Us
Your Trusted Mortgage Broker

Our mission as leading mortgage brokers in Canada is to offer unparalleled services. We work with a team of highly-trained and experienced brokers who identify and solve the issues that mortgage brokers face. We know you seek a mortgage because your finances are strained. As a result, we offer the most competitive rates in the country to avoid straining you further.

Although we are experts in the mortgage industry, we know that we cannot meet your exact needs without listening to you. That is why we involve you throughout the process. We never sideline you when searching for the ideal mortgage solution. Instead, we always discuss all the available options and give you space to make the final decision.

We understand how complex the mortgage application process can be. It is our job to help every Canadian resident find the right mortgage solution hassle-free. We will help you navigate the confusing mortgage terms and grant you access to our diverse network to help find the mortgage partner that is perfect for you. We offer numerous options and detailed information.

Our operations revolve around our esteemed clients. We have your best interests at heart. Whether you need a new mortgage product or help to negotiate terms, our brokers will always put your needs first. Our services meet and exceed your expectations. We work with many lending partners, something that helps us offer the best loan terms on the market.

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Questions? We’re here to help!

You have questions. We are here to help!


Certified Kitchener Mortgage Brokers

Things to Know About Your Kitchener Mortgage

What Is A Mortgage?

Mortgages are contractual agreements made between lenders and borrowers. In the contract, the borrower gives the lender permission to possess their property as collateral for the amount borrowed. By so doing, the lender gets the legal right to possess the property permanently if the borrower doesn’t honour mortgage terms or fails to pay the interest and capital.

A mortgage contract has all the details that relate to the loan. This includes the duration it should take you to pay back the full amount. Once you get the money, you can use it to buy a house, pay off debts or make other investments. In the end, you have to pay the principal amount and the accrued interest. This has to be done within a set timeline.

We help you save time and money

As the leading mortgage broker in Kitchener, we help you save money by giving you access to our wide range of lenders. We are able to find you the best fit option as well as help you get pre-approved mortgages. Our connections with several lenders enable us to get you the best deal for your unique circumstances. Changes in legislation have made it harder for borrowers to negotiate a better rate with banks.

Our brokers use our contacts and knowledge to structure a loan to your specific requirements. This comes in handy if you were previously denied a loan. Our brokers will make applications to multiple lenders to find the best-structured mortgage for you.

Mortgage Brokers in Kitchener Offer The Following Services

First-time buyers

Our business broker will calculate how much you can afford based on your income, regular spending and debts you may have. We will then help you find and apply for the mortgage you need.

Mortgage Refinancing

If you want to simplify your monthly payments and secure your home with mortgage refinancing, we are here to help. We offer a hassle-free experience searching for the best option in mortgage refinancing. Our mortgage broker in Kitchener will further help you decide whether or not to refinance your current mortgage at a lower interest rate.

Mortgage Renewals

Mortgage renewals are common with most homeowners. If you haven’t paid off your balance
in full and need to renew your mortgage terms, we can help you renegotiate the terms and conditions. We can also help you reduce or increase repayments, get fixed or variable interest rates, and renegotiate prepayment penalties.

Private Mortgage

Private mortgages are easier to access. If you have been turned down by traditional banks or need funding quickly, we can help you find the best private lender, help you get the best terms and secure the loan fast. Private mortgages are ideal for self-employed people, people with less than perfect credit scores, persons with unconventional properties that traditional banks will not finance and persons in need of a second mortgage used for renovations, investments or debt consolidation.

Second Mortgage

Do you need a home equity loan? Our mortgage broker in Kitchener will help get a market valuation of your property, calculate the size of the mortgage you qualify for and help you find the best private lender and negotiate the best deal.

Self-employed (mortgages)

It is harder to apply for a mortgage when you are self-employed. This is because your income is often unpredictable or hard to prove. Our mortgage broker will help you prove your income to mortgage providers and find a private lender that offers the best mortgage and terms.

Construction Financing

Do you plan on building a home or buying a building that is part of new development? What you need is construction financing. It is harder to secure construction financing than it is to get a residential mortgage. Our mortgage broker will help you secure construction financing and get you the best terms.


Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is a loan that is secured against the equity of your home. These loans offer a practical way for you to reduce the cost of your debt. Our mortgage broker in Kitchener will help shop around for the best HELOC and negotiate for you the best interest rates. We have contacts with several loan providers and our services will help you save thousands of dollars.

Certified Mortgage Broker Kitchener

Commonly asked questions about mortgages in Kitchener

What is a mortgage?

A mortgage is a property loan between a mortgage provider and a borrower. It includes a mortgage agreement that contains the terms and conditions of the mortgage.

The property is held by the lender as collateral against the loan. The principal on a mortgage is the amount borrowed.

Fixed vs. Variable Rates

Fixed interest rates are popular in Canada because they remain the same throughout the terms of the mortgage. The rates are higher than the variable rates but offer borrowers the stability of knowing how much they need to pay each month. A mortgage broker in Kitchener will recommend this option if you are on a tight budget. Variable interest rates are linked to prime interest rates and move up and down along the prime rate. They are less expensive when measured over time.

What are the Benefits of a Pre-Approved Mortgage?

  • Save time and effort by only looking at properties you can afford.
  • You will know upfront what down payment is needed and what the monthly repayments will be.
  • Sellers are more likely to give your offer serious consideration because they know you have money available.
  • Pre-approval is valid for 60, 90 or 120 days and carries no cost or obligation

What Mortgage Payment Choices Do I Have?

The two main mortgage repayment plans are:

  • Open mortgage repayment plan: This allows you to pay off the mortgage at any time during the term of the mortgage. It includes fixed rates for 6 to 12 months or variable interest rates for 3 to 5 years. A higher interest rate is paid due to the flexibility of an open mortgage.
  • Closed mortgage plan: Payment has to be made as per the agreed terms. Full early payment can lead to penalties. The benefit of a closed mortgage plan is the low interest rate.

Terms You Should Know When Closing a Mortgage

  • Amortization: Length of time it takes to pay the mortgage off
  • Appraisal: Professional evaluation of the value of a property
  • Deposit: Payment made to secure a piece of property
  • Down payment: The amount a buyer has to pay from his own pocket for the property
  • Home inspection fee: Cost of inspecting the structural integrity of a property
  • Loan to value ratio: Size of mortgage measured against the value of the property
  • Prepayment option: An option in a closed mortgage that enables you to make specific early payments against the principal amount
  • Property transfer tax: Tax due when a property is transferred to another owner
  • Mortgage loan insurance: Insurance a buyer has to pay when their down payment is less than 20%
  • Term: The timespan of a mortgage agreement. You can renew the term or find a new mortgage when it comes to term

How Much Do I Need for the Down Payment?

The down payment is the initial amount you have to pay upfront to get a mortgage. The amount depends on the price of your property. The minimum down payment is typically 5%. If your down payment is less than 20%, you have to purchase a mortgage default insurance. The down payment will be deducted from the price of the home and the mortgage will cover the remaining price. A large down payment will save you money.

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Afton Jaskolski

Getting a private mortgage was not easy to be honest, but at least with Mr. Leon it was doable. Thank you for your help!

Davin Mills

There are a lot of mortgage brokers in toronto to choose from, I was a bit intimidated by that. Don't regret I picked CMB, they took the lead and made sure to cover all the bases

Tracy Wilhoite

I was renting an apartment for a long time and finally decided to take a big step - get a mortgage instead. Team at certified Mortgage Brokers laid out various options for me. The actual process went smooth and quick, happy with my new home.

Ryder Turcotte

My wife and I decided to refinance our mortgage and started looking for a mortgage broker in Toronto. There were so many options, so you can imagine how overwhelmed we got! After talking to Leon we decided to proceed with Certified, didn't regret that decision once. They always gave useful recommendations, were attentive, and constantly in touch. And most importantly (for us) they helped us to save some money!!

Lucy Zimmerman

Vita was great. Helped my son with all the paperwork and got him very good interest rate. On the closing date called to follow up if everything went fine. Quite a pleasant experience. I would recommend this firm for anyone who is looking a mortgage broker.


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