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About Home Trust

Based in Toronto, Canada and with offices in areas such as Halifax, Hamilton, Calgary and Vancouver, Home Trust is a federal-regulated lender which was incorporated in 1977. Offering mortgage and other credit solutions to customers overlooked by the big financial institutions has enabled Home Trust, to carve out and claim its space in Canada’s competitive financial services market.

Home trust, a lender who goes out of his way to cater to:

  • Individuals who have just settled in Canada and don’t even have a credit history
  • People who have an unattractive credit history and who have been bankrupted
  • Individuals who own houses and have equity, but cannot approach a typical financial institution since their little income makes them ineligible for a mortgage
  • Business owners who cannot approach a typical financial institution since their small ventures do not bring enough money.

Home trust mortgage rates and products

With favorable mortgage rates (both variable and fixed) customized to accommodate the various target groups, Home Trust has been able to assist its customers consolidate higher-interest loans, refinance their mortgages, or renovate existing dwellings.

House buying

Home Trust presents its clients with different kinds of mortgages so that they can acquire the type of homes or properties they truly desire. May it be a family house, duplex, triplex, condo, apartment, storing property or rentals; Home Trust is known to finance its client’s real estate ambitions with fewer conditions compared to major banks. This includes favorable, flexible terms of payments and amortization period. Basically, each mortgage application is evaluated independently, so that clients experience with Home Trust can be seamless.

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Refinance and renewal of mortgages

Your home is certainly one of your most prized assets. Mortgage refinance or renewal can be a plus if you put the aspect of interest rate variation into consideration. Refinancing can result in a cutback on your monthly payments. Besides, you can leverage on the home equity you have amassed to achieve a number of the following objectives:

  • Investing in another property
  • Making RRSP deposits and leveraging on the tax refund to pay off your mortgage
  • Making home renovations with an aim of increasing its value.

Second mortgage

If it happens that refinancing your existing mortgage is not a good decision, you may wish to consider a second mortgage. Normally, Home Trust provides an Equityline Visa Card as a way of accessing a second mortgage. This comes with all the benefits associated with the visa, as well as the flexibility and convenience of a line of credit.

Mortgage insurance

Having mortgage insurance simply means that, if anything unfortunate happens to you, your loved ones won’t be weighed down by mortgage payments. The cost of the insurance is computed on the basis of your age, how much mortgage you owe the bank, whether you are a smoker or not, etc.
What you need to know about Home Trust protection plus (a mortgage insurance solution from Home Trust) is that you can:

  • Make your mortgage and insurance payments at the same time
  • Cancel your insurance whenever you wish
  • Opt not to renew. However, if you refinance your mortgage and wish to enjoy more coverage, you will be required to renew.

Contact Home Trust

As a leading lender in Canada, you can be guaranteed that, Home Trust will tailor your mortgage needs to suit your aspirations and budget. Therefore, whenever you need a personalized service with respect to financing your home purchase and renovations, feel free to contact Home Trust.

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