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How To Make Money Off Your Home Without Selling

With the way the wages are currently in a state of stagnation, it is possible that your home can provide you with more money than your job. For one, the rising home prices promise big potential profits, but most homeowners in Bradford seem to be content where they are, and are not interested in bidding for another home to make money.

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Even if you don’t want to sell your home, there are many ways you can make money off your home. These include:

Renting Out Your Basement

While being a landlord comes with responsibilities, doing so would net you anywhere from $600 to $1300 for a bachelor’s pad in your basement. If you need to pay off your mortgage faster, you can live in your basement and rent out the rest of your home. Ask your mortgage broker to help you compute how much you need to pay off your home loan early.

Allowing a Foreign Student to Room with You

You may not have a habitable or finished basement, but if you have an extra bedroom, you may offer it to an international student. You can earn at least $600 to $800 from room and board.

Listing Your Home on Airbnb

The average income that homeowners in big cities can make for having their homes listed on Airbnb is around $128 per night. If you plan on going on a long trip or vacation, this would help defray some of your expenses while you are away.

Renting Your Home to Movie Outfits

You can earn by renting your home as a commercial or film location, but you need to move out quickly. Likewise, you need to meet local regulations and laws. The rewards come in the form of a big payday – anywhere between $500 and $5000 a day, and the chance for your home to be famous.

Renting Out Parking Spaces

It is difficult to find safe parking in big urban centers. You can earn as much as $140 a month for this.

Earning from Your Garage, Shed, or Barn

Some local bands may be looking for a space to jam, or an auto enthusiast may need a place to complete a restoration project. If noise wouldn’t be a concern, then you can earn around $220 a month more.

Starting a Dog-Sitting Business

If you love pets, then this home business may be right for you. You can expect additional income of $25 to $40 a day.

Sharing Underused Items

You can make extra income by renting out your seldom-used power tools and other items that only gather dust in your garage or basement. Income will depend on the items you rent out.

Lending Your Yard Space

If you don’t have a green thumb, you can consider renting out your garden space to someone who has. You can agree on the payment terms, which can be a sum of money or a share in the produce.

Going Green w/ Solar Panels

You can allow a solar energy company use your roof. It can yield anywhere from $200 and $1200 extra income for you annually.


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