Seasons In The Sun: Best Time To Buy A House That You’ll Call Home

You are in the market for a property to call your own. You have scanned the local directories for a reputable mortgage broker. You have found the person and he has given you a list of properties to look over. You ask yourself, when is it really the best time to buy a house? Are there certain things that you have to remember as a buyer as to when to buy?


Options Galore In The Springtime


What is it with springtime and property sellers? There are reports and trends over the past few years showing that more and more people list their properties for sale in the springtime. Is it because they want to leave the house? Or the sun rejuvenates them to find new homes to spread their wings to?


First time home-buyers get a lot of options to choose from in the spring time. Mortgage brokers and realtors have a flood of market listings they would like to dispose of. The number of listings and the number of potential buyers tend to cause a competition. This tends to drive the prices up for some buyers. This makes business great for some sectors and provinces.


The influx of interested buyers makes it a boon for some. Professionals receive and get a lot of offers, some for the same property. This makes it a huge incentive for them to settle for the most profitable offer. You may get to obtain your dream house, but you can expect to pay a premium for it. Still, it is your satisfaction that is at stake, so the price does not matter much.


Winter Drives Prices Down


A seasoned real property expert can spot a good deal during the months of November and December. Properties listed during these months need to be bought and sold at once, else they become “stale”. The owners who list their properties during these months are eager to get value for their investments.


Waiting for the right time is one of the most difficult things to cultivate as a buyer. There is always the instinct to get the better of another buyer in a competitive real estate market. But waiting for the opportune time is not only about getting the property that you want. Waiting for the right time is also about getting the property for a better, more palatable price.


Most people do not go house-shopping during the holidays and winter months. Who would want to trade the fireplace for a cold trek to see a property? A lot of business-savvy mortgage brokers do. They know that they can make a decent profit margin for a property sold even in the cold wintery months. There is no rest for the realty selling business.




No matter what time of the year you go house-hunting, the important thing is you find the property that would suit you. Your property should reflect you as a person and should be an extension of your persona.


Whether you find it during the springtime, in the winter time or seasons in between, make sure you get the property you desire. Make sure you have a good mortgage broker to assist you in making the deal. They will assist you in financing and little things that matter.