If Your Home Has “Good Bones” What Does It Mean?

You may have heard people saying that your home has good bones. Do you know what it means? You can ask your mortgage broker, but in general, a home with good bones is believed to have good structural integrity. However, it is not clear which specific features of a home the phrase pertains to.

According to realty experts, there are five things you need to look for to determine whether or not a particular home has good bones.


Qualities of a House with Good Bones

Making the Most of the Good Bones in Your Home


If you are blessed to have a house with a solid design foundation, here are some useful tips to creating a solid place.


Go Large


If you have high ceilings, you will need particularly oversized and large statement pieces. These include artwork and sculptures. The idea is to draw the eyes of those who enter the room upward.


Look for Fragile Furnishing


Find airy or leggy furniture pieces that will allow the magnificence of the room’s architecture to really come out.


Highlight the Structure


It is important to make beautiful architectural details stand out. You can paint intricate door panels with unusual colors. You can also put beautifully designed wallpaper at the back of built-in bookshelves. Bold patterns can make a strong statement.


Solid Floor Plan


To be worthy of the description, a house needs to have a streamlined layout. The structure must have a sound floor plan that is well-suitable for the way people live today. This means there is a lot of available living space that flows well into your private and public rooms.


Requires Only Minor Renovations


A sturdy home has good, solid foundation and roof. It allows you to do a lot of things inside. In general, a house that has good bones will require only minor renovations. In many cases, you only have to use your creativity to decorate the place, and make it an ideal place to live in.


Installation of Hardwood Floors


Good bones can be subjective. This means something that may look great to an individual may not necessarily be appealing to another. Simply put, it depends on personal preference. However, one thing that seems to be common to all homes that are described to have good bones is the installation of genuine hardwood floors that add a sense of depth and contrast to open spaces.


Lots of Interesting Architectural Details Can Be Found


There are fascinating and eye-catching elements such as attractive panels, intricate moldings, exposed beams, and ornate fireplace mantles. Prominent architectural features similar to these make for a great infrastructure. It gives you enough room to express your own personal style.


Has Enough Breathing Room


A house with good bones has a flexible layout. It has an airy and open ambience that is filled with lots of natural lighting. The home has large windows, preferably ones that span the space from the floor to the ceiling. The purpose is not just to open the place up, but more importantly, to allow more natural light to get inside.