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The Importance of CRA Account
Posted July 31, 2021
Firstly, what is a CRA account? Let Certified Mortgage Brokers walk you through. Canada Revenue Agency account is an essential aspect for every Canadian resident and citizen who has to file returns. The agency uses the platform to administer tax-related policies, bring relevant programs and tax credits to the users regardless of the territories and...
Pros and Cons of Credit Cards
Posted July 29, 2021
Getting a credit card that suits your spending preferences is becoming easier in Canada with each passing day. However, failure to manage it properly can result in a huge financial mess that may end up changing your lifestyle forever. That is why you should compare the pros and cons of credit cards before using them....
What Is the Penalty For Breaking Mortgage Early
Posted July 27, 2021
Most people are struggling with the question of what is the penalty for breaking a mortgage in Toronto or Canada? The competitive mortgage products are making this decision difficult. Before deciding, consider whether breaking your contract will help you save money or bring you several costly penalties. Differentiating the amortization and mortgage term when you...
The CERB Benefit is Over – What’s Next?
Posted July 25, 2021
What to do after CERB ends? If you find yourself asking this question, you are not alone. Many Canadian have been left in confusion and uncertainties after the announcement of the CERB end date. However, jobless residents can still get financial aid from the federal government to push through the preceding phases of the pandemic...
What is a Subprime Mortgage, and Can You Get It?
Posted July 23, 2021
What is a subprime mortgage? This is one of the commonly asked questions among potential homeowners. Usually, when an individual has a low credit score, accessing loans and mortgages becomes very difficult. Qualifying for conventional mortgages in Toronto or Canada in general also becomes impossible, and that is where subprime mortgage loans come in. A...