Purchasing House: How Much Can You Afford?

It is a great feeling when you are about to purchase a new home. This is a big step in your life. This is a sign that you are at a very stable stage in your life. It is also a great investment that you will cherish for the rest of your life. However, this step will require a lot of planning and thinking. You need to make sure that you are really ready for the expenses and responsibilities that homeownership brings.


The possible effect on your finances must be examined very closely to help you gauge your readiness when it comes to homeownership. Most aspects of owning a house, including initial costs and household expenses, involve and affect your finances. To help you paint a good picture of what you might be getting yourself into, here are a few things that you should look at:


Fixed Expenses


You will need to list down the known fixed expenses such as mortgage, property taxes, and other important fees. This will help you see if your total income can accommodate these expenses comfortably. If you can handle these easily, then you can say that you can afford your prospective purchase.




Utilities are essential to a home. These are electricity, gas, water and, nowadays, even internet. You will need to make sure that your monthly income can cover your monthly bills. There will be times when your bills will be lower and easier to handle. However, the winter and summer seasons present a different challenge because your power consumption is likely to go up during these times. Of course, this results in a higher payable amount on your monthly bill.




This is an essential cost. Maintenance is always something to consider whether you buy a new or old house. Repairs will happen sooner or later. It is better to have money ready for emergency repairs just to make sure that there won’t be unplanned expenses.


Life Expenses


This is one of the most things to consider when buying a home. You need to make sure that after the initial costs, bills, and maintenance, you still have enough money to live a life. You will need to buy groceries, go out for entertainment, and pay other expenses such as car payments and student loans. This can all become too burdensome if you do not make sure that your finances are properly budgeted.


In addition to that, life can bring a lot of changes. Changes like expanding your family with a new baby can bring a lot of unplanned expenses. Supplies for the baby should be accounted on top of your usual expenses. It is important to understand that your lifestyle will dictate a lot of your expenses and if you are unhappy to have some of your expense items stricken out of your list, then you are not yet ready for homeownership.


When looking for a home, it is not as simple as deciding which one looks better or which one has a bigger lawn. It takes a lot of commitment and planning before you can say that you are ready to own a house. You can also hire professional brokers who can guide you through the process.