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Can I Add Someone to My Mortgage Loan After Closing?
Posted October 20, 2023
Several factors can trigger the decision to transfer a mortgage or add someone to a mortgage. The most common reasons include major life events like marriage or a change in financial capacity. Most people wish to add their spouses to the mortgage, and others may want to share the property costs with siblings, children, or...
Real Estate Projections for Ottawa in 2019
Posted January 17, 2019
Can Ottawa’s central office market meet the need of its expanding public and private sector in 2019? This past year’s burgeoning downtown tech presence certainly has real estate experts interested. Falling from 9.5% in December 2017 to 7.5% at the end of Q3 in 2018, Ottawa’s downtown office vacancy rate has been fortified by the...
Previously Soaring Ottawa Housing Market Comes Back Down to Earth in November
Posted December 19, 2018
The Ottawa Real Estate Board (OREB) says that there’s still quite a demand for Ottawa housing market  — despite the pace slowing slightly in November. At a grand total of 1,165, 5% less residential properties were sold in November compared to 1,232 homes that were sold in the same month last year. However, Ottawa housing...
2019 Will See Ottawa Home Prices Increase
Posted December 17, 2018
Royal LePage predicts a 2.5% median home sales price boost in Ottawa home prices , while fellow agency Re/Max projects a 4% increase in the nation’s capital as per each company’s respective home sale price reports. John Rogan, a broker in Ottawa with Royal LePage explained on the Rick Gibbons Show on 1310 NEWS that...
Home Builders Hoping Tough Mortgage Rules Soften Up
Posted December 14, 2018
The cooling housing market is a direct result of tight mortgage restrictions. As such, Canadian home builders are pleading with the federal government to loosen its grip. Mattamy Homes Ltd. is North America’s largest closely held home builders and executives at the real estate behemoth believe the rules have accomplished the sought-for soft landing. The...