For many of the residents in Ontario, getting a new vehicle is not always as simple as walking into the car dealer’s office and signing a few forms. You will need to present proof that you are capable of paying for the vehicle that you want and more often than not, this means that you will need to prove your good credit standing.

Unfortunately, if you are currently suffering from bad credit ratings due to your past expenditures, then you might want to consider leasing a car instead of paying for it in full.  When you lease, it means that that you are essentially renting the car instead of buying it from the dealership. Listed below are some of the ways to get a loan even if you have bad credit and the advantages of leasing your car.


How to get a loan with bad credit?

Fortunately, even if you do have bad credit, it is still much easier to acquire a car loan than a much larger loan such as a mortgage. Likewise, different lenders use different criteria to evaluate their clients so there is a large possibility that you can find one who will accommodate you even if you have damaged credit.

Also, as long as you choose the right time for your loan applications, you can still get a good car loan even if you are considered as a moderate- or high-risk borrower. Keep track of fluctuations in the economy and file your applications when the economy is improving in order to increase your chances.


Types of car loans

As a moderate- to high-risk borrower, the most that you could hope to get from your lender is a car loan with subprime or near prime rates. Most often these loans come with much higher interest rates compared to prime loans. These interest rates can also be affected with the length of your term. While most lenders specify a 3 to 6 year term, some will extend the term for as long as 8 years.

There are also other factors that come into play in determining the conditions of your term. However, if you are applying for a car loan with bad credit in Ontario, the most important factor that you should consider is the fact that you must be employed before a lender will accept your application.

Once your car loan application is accepted, you can then choose between getting a loan for a new car or for a used car. Though it might seem cheaper to go for a used car, they actually incur much higher interest rates. For that reason, it is safer to spend a little more on a new car and to lease it to balance out the costs.


Benefits of Leasing

Owning a vehicle might seem like one of the greatest luxuries, and most people with bad credit might consider the prospect as something completely unattainable. However, if you merely choose to lease your car instead of owning it, there is still a huge possibility of acquiring the car of your dreams without drowning in debt from the exorbitant monthly interest rates.


Smaller payments

Leasing enables you to pay for a smaller down payment fee or otherwise avoid paying any down payment depending on the dealership terms. While those who wish to own the car will be required to pay for a down payment upfront, car leasing frees you from that obligation.

Savings on maintenance and repairs

Keeping a car in tiptop shape often means spending for monthly check-ups and repairs. However, if you are simply leasing a car, the maintenance costs should still be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. This saves you a large amount in the long run and you can focus on paying for other expenses instead.


Improved credit standing

Since the reason that you are leasing is due to your bad credit, you can make use of the opportunity to improve your credit score. Some dealerships report lease payments to credit agencies, so if manage to make all of your payments on time you could potentially improve your credit score. Once your score improves, you might even be able to make an actual purchase in the future if that is your goal.