Research has Proven the Benefits of Homeownership

Most people aspire to own a home. Homeownership carries with it positive social status and improved self-esteem.
Over the years there has been a great deal of research into the societal benefits of homeownership. Research outcomes have proven consistently that not only are there financial benefits to home ownership, but that the benefits for the individual, the family, society and the country are substantial. Policy makers should take account of these benefits when considering legislation.

Financial Benefits

Buying a home is a great investment as long as you buy within your means. With every payment you make on the mortgage you are adding to your wealth. Payment of a mortgage is like a forced saving and the equity in your home grows over time. In this way owning a home helps families to grow their wealth.

Whilst mortgage payments are initially higher than rentals over time a fixed mortgage remains unchanged whilst rentals will track inflation and the costs will escalate

Physical and Psychological Benefits

Research has also proven that home ownership has benefits for both physical and psychological health. In their research Habitat for Humanity found that home owners feel more in control of their lives, have higher self-esteem and are generally more satisfied with life.

With the financial stake that owners have in their properties, they are more likely to spend the time and effort required to maintain the land and buildings. They must also learn the financial skills to make sure that mortgage is paid and these skills they pass on to their children.

Because the homes are generally in better condition the improved living conditions have a major positive impact on the health of home owners. In later years the home owners’ higher relative will ensure healthier elderly people.

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The Family Benefits

Studies conducted by Ohio State University proved that children growing up in an owned home did better in school and were less likely to have behavioural problems. Homeowners don’t change homes as often as those who rent. This means that the home environment is more stable and secure and the children don’t move schools as often. The end result is children who perform better at such crucial disciplines as reading and mathematics. Children of home owners are more likely to graduate from school becoming higher income earners.

The Community Benefits

When you purchase your piece of real estate you are buying into a community, and in so doing you are more likely to become involved in that community. Harvard University researchers found that home owners are more likely to participate in community projects. This is because home owners have a lot more at stake than people that rent property. Homeowners are embedded in the area and are far less likely to move. They tend to make substantially more voluntary and charitable contributions to society.

Research has also proven a strong correlation between levels of home ownership and falling crime rates. It appears that home owners put more effort into crime prevention measures as a way to protect the value of their homes.

Capital investment in an area also appears to increase the interest of the homeowners in the area, as they vote in substantially greater numbers than those who rent.
Policy makers should support home ownership as research shows that the personal, community and national benefits of home ownership are substantial.

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