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The benefits of working with a Certified Mortgage Broker

There’s more to real estate than just looking for a piece of property and purchasing it. There are also thing like taxes, occupancy, and regulatory compliance that you need to consider; and at certified mortgage broker Ottawa, we are here to guide you every step of the way for Commercial Mortgages in Ottawa.

Why Get a Certified Mortgage Broker?

Our ultimate goal is to find you the perfect rate that has what you are looking for and fits your budget. We have been working with commercial mortgages for years. We have hundreds of finished projects and satisfied customers under our belt not to mention our relationships wish lenders.

The main reason for getting a mortgage broker is simple, convenience. Some people have no time to scour through so many different real estate listings just to find out that the property has already been sold. Finding a good property can be a huge headache, especially with commercial real estate. Location, size, government requirements on land use, accessibility, and compatibility with your business operations these are all things you need to keep in mind.

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Not Just for Finding Commercial Mortgage Properties
If you have a piece of property to offer for lets say a commercial mortgage, then we can also assist you in your search for buyers. We know what kinds of property can be sold easily and who the best buyers would be. We can make the whole process headache free, faster and not only meet but exceed any expectations you have.

Looking for the Right Broker for a Commercial Mortgage in Ottawa
Buying or selling properties might not be something that you do on a day-to-day basis, and so it is understandable that most people can find it intimidating or confusing. That is why it is essential that you find a broker with experience, customer satisfaction and one that you can trust.

How To Find A Broker

Here is a quick checklist on what to look for in a broker who can handle your commercial property requirements.

A broker should be knowledgeable – this is a basic requirement for anyone in the field of sales. Whether he is helping you sell your property or find a new one, he should be able to answer all your questions about all the pertinent details.

A broker should be available and accessible to you – you should be able to easily reach your broker with a simple phone call or email.

He should have the right credentials – before becoming a broker, a person must undergo training and take a test to get a license. Make sure that your broker has the right credentials before entering into a transaction with him.

They have to have a good reputation – just a simple google search should show you what previous customers thought of the service. Whether they thought the broker was responsive, polite, helpful and got them the best rate they could.

They genuinely care – some of the best brokers are those who are really dedicated and committed to getting you the best possible buyers for your property. Our team of talented and passionate professionals will do everything they can to get you your dream property.

Finding a good broker is the key to buying or selling a piece a property. A mortgage broker can make the whole experience easy, or ruin it. So make sure to do your research, look around, read some reviews and find out who offers what rates.


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Afton Jaskolski

Getting a private mortgage was not easy to be honest, but at least with Mr. Leon it was doable. Thank you for your help!

Davin Mills

There are a lot of mortgage brokers in toronto to choose from, I was a bit intimidated by that. Don't regret I picked CMB, they took the lead and made sure to cover all the bases

Tracy Wilhoite

I was renting an apartment for a long time and finally decided to take a big step - get a mortgage instead. Team at certified Mortgage Brokers laid out various options for me. The actual process went smooth and quick, happy with my new home.

Ryder Turcotte

My wife and I decided to refinance our mortgage and started looking for a mortgage broker in Toronto. There were so many options, so you can imagine how overwhelmed we got! After talking to Leon we decided to proceed with Certified, didn't regret that decision once. They always gave useful recommendations, were attentive, and constantly in touch. And most importantly (for us) they helped us to save some money!!

Lucy Zimmerman

Vita was great. Helped my son with all the paperwork and got him very good interest rate. On the closing date called to follow up if everything went fine. Quite a pleasant experience. I would recommend this firm for anyone who is looking a mortgage broker.

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