HSBC helps individuals and organizations across the world to transact business and manage their finances worldwide through four global business lines: retail banking and wealth management, global banking and markets, global private banking as well as commercial banking. HSBC network covers about 67 nations and territories in Asia, North America and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Canada has always been a priority market for the HSBC Group; and with respect to this, HSBC Bank Canada is now the seventh largest bank in Canada. Since it began its operations in 1981, the Vancouver-based lender has grown organically and has been able to provide its internationally-minded customers with mortgage solutions that fit their lifestyle.

HSBC a lender dealing with multiple clients

HSBC Canada has various kinds of mortgage solutions that are specially crafted to match your present financial circumstances.

  • First-time homebuyers – An HSBC mortgage specialist will ensure that first-time property buyers clearly understand their options, the home-buying procedure, and when to involve other experts who make the home-buying process a success. Basically, they will ensure that the first mortgage you pick is suitable to build the world you wish to live in.
  • Selling your home to buy another – Some people move up to a more posh home while others are considering downsizing their everyday expenditures. Either way, HSBC can recommend the most realistic financial strategy based on some vital factors, including:
    • The kind of mortgage you have (closed or open)
    • The time remaining on your mortgage term
    • Your current interest rate
    • The money you may need to purchase your next home
  • New to Canada – Are you new to Canada? Do not worry. An HSBC mortgage expert can help you comprehend the process, assemble the right information and adopt the right steps to getting a mortgage in Canada.
  • Mortgage renewal – Contacting your HSBC mortgage expert way before your renewal date may help you save money and pay up your mortgage quickly.
  • Mortgage Refinance – Refinancing your home may be appropriate when your financial circumstances and home equity qualifies you for extra credit. For instance, opting to refinance your mortgage can present you with the necessary funding to consolidate your debt or renovate your home to boost its value.
  • Switch to an HSBC mortgage – If you are shopping for new opportunities, HSBC can make it easy to transfer your mortgage from your earlier provider. Their specialists will do all the work. Just give them the details of your current lender and sanction them to complete the process. In no time, you will certainly be on your way to greater savings.
  • Mortgage insurance – With HSBC mortgage insurance, your loved one’s future will be protected. You can opt for an HSBC mortgage life insurance that repays your mortgage balance in case you pass on or HSBC mortgage disability insurance that pays out your mortgage in case you get any form of disability.
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Mortgage rates

Mortgages should have the perfect combination of terms that give clients the ultimate financial flexibility. Normally, HSBC mortgage terms vary. As a result, their clients are able to seize opportunities or solutions which align with their present financial situations.
There are advantages to both long- and short-term commitments; just as it is having a mortgage with fixed or variable interest rate. However, HSBC can help you make the right decision with respect to mortgage rates.
If you need more details about their mortgage products and services, you can give them a call on 1-866-609-4722 or visit any of the HSBC branches in Canada.

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