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About Canwise

As a newer mortgage broker founded in 2014 Canwise strives to provide the ultimate mortgage experience for the modern borrower, who is savvy and informed about mortgages and what solutions are out there. Applying through Canwise is only the start of your journey with them. They know that you want insightful advice, proactive communication, and ease and convenience.

They started out in Ontario and quickly expanded into Quebec and Alberta. As of now, they also provide services to clients in Manitoba, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. They have their sights on expanding in order to service borrowers from all over Canada.

Compare broker rates vs. bank rates

Canwise offers can on occasions offer rates lower than you can get it straight at the source. This is partly due to the fact that they shop around from dozens of lenders to collate the best products with the best rates. The rest is because they leverage their position as a channel for business between borrowers and lenders.
Furthermore, they provide this free of any haggling. It’s part of their promise to clients that they will be given the product with the most competitive rate from the onset.

Compare broker rates

Different brokers specialize in originating mortgages with certain terms, rates or types. A broker will make plain what types of mortgages they specialize in and you should choose the best broker based on what your needs and preferences are as well as what category your desired mortgage falls in to.

Contact a Canwise Mortgage Professional

Contact one of Canwise Financial’s experienced mortgage professional from the Canwise website. You can reach them either by phoning 1.844.808.3379 (toll-free) or 416.504.3379, by requesting information through an email or by directly contacting their mortgage professional via emails provided on the Canwise website.

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Other Canwise Products

Canwise Financial focuses on providing their clients with the best and most relevant mortgage products to choose from to by their new home. However, they do also offer the following services:

If you are self-employed they can also come up with solutions to help you get a mortgage in your special circumstances.

  • Renew a mortgage
  • Refinance an existing mortgage
  • Debt consolidation into your home
  • Take out a home equity loan

Canwise Mortgage Application process

Canwise offers a straightforward and polished application process that is squarely aimed at the modern, informed, and time-sensitive borrower. The application form is divided into two main sections to make it even easier:

1. Contact details: Where you will need to enter the following personal information

  1. Name and last name

  2. Email

  3. Phone numbers

  4. Birthdate

  5. Number of applicants

2. Mortgage details: Where you will need to provide the following mortgage-related information

  1. Type of loan

  2. Approximate mortgage amount

  3. Home value

  4. Date funds required

  5. Current living status

  6. How you heard about Canwise

  7. What province you require the mortgage in

  8. Mortgage agent request

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