So the time has come, you’re finally ready to buy your first home. Buying a home is a huge investment, whether you’re looking to live there or rent it out its important that you do everything properly. When buying a home everyone’s first step should be a mortgage broker. They will help you apply for and obtain a loan. They’re not lenders or agents from a bank, but they act as “middle men” that facilitate your borrowing or loan application.

Mortgage brokers specialize in maximizing your chances of securing the loan and getting the best rates on the market. They are especially helpful when you already have a house in mind but you know you have an unappealing credit history which most banks may find risky in a housing loan client.

There are many ways to find a reliable mortgage broker, here are a few:

Look for Them Online

The internet is full of information and that includes brokers. Brokerage company profiles in online listings provide details like company and branch addresses, contact numbers, email addresses, and web addresses. Furthermore, search engines usually provide you with lists of companies that are located near you, so searching for the nearest ones online would be a breeze.

Research Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews for just about anything are available online. You should take advantage of these reviews and read them carefully, do your research so you get an idea which brokers are worth trying and which ones you should avoid dealing with.

Ask Your Friends

If you have friends or family who once hired brokers for their home mortgage, you can just ask them for recommendations. If you are planning to move to Canada, ask people you know who moved before you. If you are living in Canada and want to move to a new house, ask your neighbors or other home owners in your community. Asking the people who have had firsthand experiences with brokers is your best chance.

Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Mortgage brokers and real estate agents belong in the same industry and usually work hand-in-hand to fulfill the needs of their clients. If you consulted with a real estate agent to find your new house, you can ask them for recommendations or whether they have a partner mortgage broker that you can also consult with.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a broker. Doing your research and making sure it’s thorough will make it all worth it in the end