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As A Top Mortgage Broker, CMB Finds Solutions

Whether you need a new mortgage, transfer or port an existing mortgage or find a mortgage that caters for special needs like self-employment or an emergency mortgage, we got it all.

As a Hamilton certified mortgage broker, we follow the guidelines and legislation passed down by the FSCO and try to find a way to accommodate all of our potential customers. Our licensed professional mortgage agents have the experience to help you find the perfect mortgage for your next home in Hamilton.

We Provide The Best Advice

When you choose a mortgage broker to help you finance your home purchase, it’s not a once-off thing. You and your brokerage are stepping into a mutually beneficial journey that could last for decades. As such, you want to partner with a certified mortgage broker that places real value on the prospect of a relationship with their clients.

You can expect us to bring integrity, sincerity, and years of professional experience to the table. All you have to do is put your trust in us and our fine mortgage agents, and we’ll do the rest.

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CMB Employs The Best Mortgage Agents in Hamilton

We have full confidence in our team of professional, experienced, and fully licensed mortgage agents to help you find a mortgage solution that works for you. On top of the highest maintaining the highest level of competence, our mortgage agents always put the customer and their goals first. You will always be treated with honesty, kindness, and respect that we Canadians are known for and proud of.


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Afton Jaskolski

Getting a private mortgage was not easy to be honest, but at least with Mr. Leon it was doable. Thank you for your help!

Davin Mills

There are a lot of mortgage brokers in toronto to choose from, I was a bit intimidated by that. Don't regret I picked CMB, they took the lead and made sure to cover all the bases

Tracy Wilhoite

I was renting an apartment for a long time and finally decided to take a big step - get a mortgage instead. Team at certified Mortgage Brokers laid out various options for me. The actual process went smooth and quick, happy with my new home.

Ryder Turcotte

My wife and I decided to refinance our mortgage and started looking for a mortgage broker in Toronto. There were so many options, so you can imagine how overwhelmed we got! After talking to Leon we decided to proceed with Certified, didn't regret that decision once. They always gave useful recommendations, were attentive, and constantly in touch. And most importantly (for us) they helped us to save some money!!

Lucy Zimmerman

Vita was great. Helped my son with all the paperwork and got him very good interest rate. On the closing date called to follow up if everything went fine. Quite a pleasant experience. I would recommend this firm for anyone who is looking a mortgage broker.

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