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Can I Add Someone to My Mortgage Loan After Closing?
Posted October 20, 2023
Several factors can trigger the decision to transfer a mortgage or add someone to a mortgage. The most common reasons include major life events like marriage or a change in financial capacity. Most people wish to add their spouses to the mortgage, and others may want to share the property costs with siblings, children, or...
What is an Insured Mortgage in Canada
Posted May 04, 2023
Purchasing a home is one of the most significant investments you can ever make. If you plan to buy a home, you have probably started saving some money for the down payment. The amount of money you need to save will depend on the minimum down payment as well as the amount you can afford...
Can You Be Denied for Mortgage Renewal?
Posted February 22, 2023
It’s the end of the mortgage term – what happens? In Canada, renewing your mortgage once it reaches its terms, regardless of whether you’ve paid it up or not, is a standard procedure. However, this shouldn’t be taken lightly because mortgage renewal isn’t guaranteed. When applying for a mortgage, you’ll sign a contract that sets...
How to Get a Mortgage for a Rental Property in Ontario
Posted February 03, 2023
A rental property creates an extra income stream for investors. Buying rental properties requires significant funding that may not be within your reach. Fortunately, prospective property owners can access a rental property mortgage to acquire a rental property in Ontario. Qualifying for a mortgage on a rental property is typically hard, thanks to the stringent...
Cosigning a Mortgage Loan – Your Ultimate Guide
Posted October 21, 2022
A borrower might consider getting a cosigner if they are worried that their income or credit score could make it difficult to qualify for a mortgage. A cosigner assumes the same responsibility as the mortgage borrower, even if they do not live in the home. Therefore, even if cosigning a mortgage in Ontario can help...
How to Do Mortgage Broker SEO the Right Way
Posted November 08, 2021
When searching for a great loan to buy a dream home, homebuyers turn to businesses like yours. Homebuyers no longer comb through the Yellow Pages to find a loan officer. They use search engines. Not putting enough effort into search engine optimization (SEO) can put you at a disadvantage. The good news, however, is that...