Choosing The Right Neighborhood In Bradford

When looking for a new place to live, the location is a primary consideration. While buying home finding the right neighborhood in Bradford may not be as easy as you may think, especially after you have factored in various aspects like your budget, must-have home features, and proximity to things that matter most to you.

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When searching for a neighborhood to move into, here are some things that you need to consider:

Property Taxes

Consider how much you need to pay in taxes. Property taxes can affect your overall living expenses. There are specific homes in online property listings that include the cost of the property taxes, but some do not. Make sure to include the taxes in your projections.

Crime and Safety

Before signing on the contract, make sure to find out the crime rate in your prospective neighborhood, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods. What is the level of crime you feel comfortable with? An important part of your buying decision is determining the crime level you feel your family will be safe with in a particular neighborhood.

Online search sites such as CrimeReports and can help give you an idea on how safe living in a particular area could be. Your real estate agent and mortgage broker can provide you with different resources that can shed light to your questions about the area. However, the Fair Housing Act bars them from giving their personal opinions. The goal of the act is to offer equal access to housing to everyone, and to safeguard against discrimination.

Geography and Topography

The geography of the land can jack up the cost, particularly if the property is by the water or overlooking a scenic view. On the other hand, a community prone to flooding and other dangers should raise a red flag. Find out if the neighborhood is in a flood zone and if you would need to get special insurance aside from the regular homeowner’s insurance cover.

Property Value

Consider the projected growth rate of the property value in your target location. You can have a good idea on the value of properties within a neighborhood if there have been recent home sales. In general, the same types of home within the same area are sold at practically the same prices, with a difference of only a few thousand dollars. Your agent can show you listings of comparable homes to determine if the property you’re eying is appropriately priced.

School Zones

Having schools nearby is important, especially if you have kids. Schools also tend to help improve the home value. If schools matter in your buying decision, check out the schools in the area. What schools will your children be attending once you move into the neighborhood?

Also check for other facilities like hospitals, clinics, parks, and community centers that can add value points for the neighborhood.

By considering these factors in your search for the right neighborhood, you can address your more important concerns. You can then come up with an informed buying decision.

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