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Fixed vs Variable Rates and Their Reaction to Bond Yield Inversion
Posted September 09, 2019
In a strange twist in Canadian mortgage markets borrowers who lock into fixed mortgage rates now can secure lower interest rates than those opting for variable rates of interest.
Reasons for the Fed Rate Cut and How It Will Affect Canada
Posted September 07, 2019
For the first time since the global financial crisis of 2007-2008 the Federal Reserve cut US interest rates at the end of July. The announcement followed President Donald Trump’s unexpected...
Understanding the Rules of Engagement for Non-Residents in the Canadian Property Market
Posted August 21, 2019
Unlike many other countries, Canada allows people from all over the world to buy property in their country. They apply no restrictions to the type or the amount of property that that non-residents can buy. However, the rules for borrowing money to buy that property are somewhat different between residents and non-residents. Who Is a...
Pre-Approved Mortgages – the Process and Benefits
Posted August 18, 2019
Even though pre-approvals offer no guarantees when circumstances change, realtors prefer their clients to have one before they start the search for a new home. In Canada pre-approval follows a process of whereby the mortgage lender screens the client to determine his ability to make repayments against a mortgage. The outcome is an estimate of...
When Your Mortgage Appraisal is Too Low
Posted August 16, 2019
Thinking of buying a home? Why not start by getting your mortgage pre-approved? It takes the uncertainty out of buying a house. At the end of the process you’ll know how much you can spend and what your repayments will look like. Likewise, if you plan to get the house inspected, have the appraisal done...
Mortgage Stress Test: Influence At Rates and Loans
Posted June 12, 2019
The International Monetary Fund, also known as the IMF, had some things to say about the current mortgage stress test. As of Tuesday, they warned law and policy makers all over Canada to keep the mortgage stress test rules where they are, and to not ease them lower. This is mostly due to the fact...
Toronto and Vancouver; The Two Ridiculous Housing Markets
Posted May 26, 2019
According to reports from various housing market specialists, both Toronto and Vancouver have incredibly pricey housing markets. However, Vancouver has been deemed to be worse. As Toronto housing market somewhat stabilizes, Vancouver deflates even further. This is likely due to the fact that Vancouver is constantly being hit with fraudulent money, rich immigrants, and a...
Private Lenders / Self Employed. Ownership and Renting, The Canadian POV.
Posted May 09, 2019
Many of Those Turning To Private Lenders Are Notably Self Employed In Toronto, the amount of people turning towards private lenders is growing, fast. It’s important to note that among these people, many are self employed. This is often because those who are self employed struggle far more to prove their income. This is in...
Housing Market Restraints and Their Divisive Nature
Posted April 23, 2019
Over the course of nearly a decade, the Canadian housing market rocketed upwards in terms of pricing. Although it may not have been intended, many claim the increase is due to the attempted rescuing of global capitalism as of 2008. Firefighting: The Financial Crisis and Its Lessons, a brand new book published by Ben Bernanke,...