Why Use Private Mortgage Lenders Over Regular Lenders

Traditional institutions such as banks and mortgage brokers are the go-to place where everyone can apply for a loan. The easy part is filling out your application and turning it in. The tough part is getting your loan approved. That’s because most banks require you to present a lot of things before you get approved. Some banks require business proposals, collateral, and proof of capacity to pay. Unfortunately, not everyone can meet these requirements.

So what else can you do in order to get a loan?


Get a loan from private mortgage lenders


Private lenders are non-traditional lending institutions owned by private financers. They offer loans and financial assistance to people who apply for one just like a regular bank. The difference is that their requirements are not as stringent. They have a set of criteria for approving loans, that’s for sure, but you don’t need to pay eye and tooth just to get it approved.

Another advantage of using private lenders is that they offer bigger mortgage amounts than banks. This is part of their marketing strategy so more people will come to them for loans. This is advantageous for people because they can get a bigger property for the amount given by the private lender.

Private lenders also offer more flexible payment terms and loan terms. Unlike banks that are very rigid with the payment terms and loan terms, private lenders offer more freedom to choose the payment and loan terms you can afford. They want to make it easy for people to get that loan so they make sure everything is simple as 1, 2, 3.

The private lenders also rarely request for collateral and other things in exchange for your loan. Their criteria allow them to gauge how much they can afford to lend you without risking too much from their end.


Another reason to take on the services of a private lender is the convenience. Many private lenders operate on smaller capacity than banks. That means less number of people to request approval from, less turn- around time, and faster processing of your application. They also have fewer requirements than banks and traditional lending institutions.

Technological advancement is another advantage of using a private lender. Banks take years before they change their operating systems whereas private lenders often like to keep up with the times. You can be sure that these institutions will be able to process your application the soonest possible time.


Traditional mortgage and lending institutions now have more competition for loans in the form of private lending institutions. They offer competitive prices and services that people are finding very useful. They are not as stringent with application approvals so more and more people prefer doing business with them. Private lending is taking a huge market share so banks better beef up their services and offers in order to better compete with these private mortgage providers.